Wrapping In Paper Or Bubble Wrap

Wrapping In Paper Or Bubble Wrap

When you are planning on moving there are a lot of things on your mind. The last thing you want to worry about is breaking your valuables or all your dishes when you hit a bump in the road. Many choose to pack their belongings in paper and some with bubble wrap.

Pack with paper

When you pack with paper or bubble wrap you are making sure that your items have that while moving your items are secure. Here are some reasons why you might choose one or the other. Paper wrapping your items can be a cheap inexpensive way of packing. You can get old newspapers from family and friends or go to your local moving store. Packing paper will protect your items from breaking if they bang together but is not 100%.

Bubble wrap packing

If you are planning on moving a lot of valuables or breakables you might want to consider bubble wrap. Bubble wrap gives your breakables a little bit more cushion than paper does. If you hit a bump in the road when your items cling together the bubble wrap between them can stop a hard impact from breaking them a little better than paper. Bubble wrap is not 100% either.