How To Get A Vehicle Ready To Ship With Car Shipping

How To Get A Vehicle Ready To Ship With Car Shipping

How To Get A Vehicle Ready To Ship With Car Shipping

If you are planning on hiring a company to transport your vehicle from one place to another, then you need to take heed of the things you should do to prepare that vehicle.

Car shipping is not difficult to schedule and use. But it will take some time to go through the process that will eventually result in your vehicle arriving at its a new home. The entire process will begin when you are a few weeks out from needing the services of such a company when you research and find the one you plan to use.

Having decided on a company, you will be left to prepare the vehicle you are shipping according to the stipulations set forth by the car transporters. Every shipper has it’s own rules, but there are some that one company has that is the same for all the companies throughout the country. Here are some of the most common requirements that you will have to take care of when you want to ship your car.

Inspecting your car before shipping

You must get your vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic before it will be allowed to be loaded on the car transport truck. There are a few reasons for this, but the most important is safety to the driver of the transport and the other vehicles that are being shipped with yours.

Your car should be safe and free from any leaks that might end up causing issues with the paint or other components of cars on the same transport. Be sure to get this inspection in writing and keep a copy of it for yourself.

Damage and condition proof

When preparing your vehicle for shipping you should create a list of details that outline the overall and detailed condition of the vehicle. If you’ve added something to the car, make sure to note that. If there is some special modification to the vehicle, be sure to write that down too.

Finally, if you have any existing damage, be sure to list that as well. At the same time, be sure that you take pictures of the vehicle. So that you can prove what existed prior to shipping. And what it looked like after shipping just in case you need to file an insurance claim after your vehicle is delivered.

Remove everything from the car before shipping

Did you know that the heavier your vehicle is when it is being shipped, the more money you are going to have to pay to ship it? It’s true. Most car transport companies will not tell you this upfront, but there are ways to save money when using car shipping services.

Running your gas tank low and emptying the vehicle of anything you are able to remove from. It will help drive your costs lower. It is always a good idea not to run the tank too low. So experts recommend keeping it at around a quarter of a tank for good measure.

How To Organize Moving To Your New Home

How To Organize Moving To Your New Home

How To Organize Moving To Your New Home

Moving is a huge undertaking with organizing moving. Not only do you have to pack all your possessions from your old home. But then you have to unpack and arrange everything in your new home. Furniture invariably gets damaged, fine items get broken, and often, things are lost. As well as the toll moving takes on the family members. It can also be traumatic when things go wrong such as the moving truck showing up late. Rain or snowstorm hitting when you are ready to load or unload the truck. Or not having the right supplies to efficiently complete the packing and moving.

As someone who has moved across the country on numerous occasions, I know first hand how trying the ordeal can be. But, it does not have to be that way. Of course, negative events will happen. The key is to minimize those events by knowing how to organize moving to your new home.

Indeed, the most important word in regards to moving is organization. Without an organization, your move will be fraught with problems. Plus, it usually costs more when you are disorganized, as you will require more supplies and a bigger truck. But in today’s world, many people are pressed for time, have other obligations, and usually wait until the last minute to pull everything together. While I understand that your life goes on while you move, you really must adjust your schedule and devote some time to moving to your new home.

Organize moving with the to-do list

Once you know when the move is to take place, make a to-do list. You won’t be able to add all the chores the first time you write the list, as you probably will not think of everything right off the bat. Instead, start the list, and add to it, as you think of other things that are important. Also, either use an actual calendar or write dates beside each task. By doing this, you won’t forget to order the truck, or you won’t neglect to have the gas turned on in your new home.

Remember that all of your actions have consequences. Not ordering the truck on time means that you either not rent a truck at all. Or you will be forced to pay more if the rental company brings the truck from out of town to accommodate you. By not calling the gas company to arrange a time for the gas to be turned on and the pilot lights lit, you run the risk of having no heat in the winter, and definitely no hot water for a shower or bath.

On the other hand, if you are moving out of state or out of the city and cannot be onsite when the gas technician arrives, you will, instead, need to make an appointment close to the time of your arrival. But, if you forget to call, then you are going to end up last on the appointment list which means you could be waiting some time before you get any gas. The same is true of other utilities such as hydro, telephone, cable, and internet if you have a home office.

Get back to work as soon as possible

You want to get back to work as soon as possible, so the internet becomes a necessity. Again, these reminders should be placed on your calendar. And then, on that particular day, you will call the respective companies. Another reason to use a calendar is that you can see at a glance everything that needs doing, and you spread the work load out in a more practical fashion.

Further, in order to keep the workload light and not have everything to do at the last minute, order boxes and other supplies in advance. It doesn’t matter if you have boxes laid out all over the house. Place them around, and the items that you are not going to need now, start packing them so that you can get ahead.

Organize moving boxes

As the boxes are filled, be sure to mark the tops or sides with the room name and a brief description of the items inside. By keeping all the same room items together, you will have a much easier time when unpacking in your new home. If you mix and match from several rooms, there are too many steps involved in arranging your possessions at the other end of the trip.

Any tasks that can be done online at home, use this feature to save yourself time and the wear and tear on your body. You already have enough anxiety from arranging your move That you do not need to add other issues to the mix. The post office has an online feature. For example, to change your mailing address and forward mail to the new home. You might even be able to make your appointments for utilities online, too.

Moving with pets

If you have pets, think about how they are going to get to the new home. And where they will stay if there is a delay when moving in. Purchase the proper pet carriers, and make sure pets are safe before, during and after the move. They are going to be confused and even scared. So maybe put them into a room with their food, water, and toys while the truck is being packed. While you are traveling to the new home, if it is a significant distance away, be sure to have fresh water available for your pets. And, if you are not sure how to move your animals, then make an appointment with the vet to determine the best method.

Your children will most likely be frightened, as well. They will be making new friends and attending a different school with new teachers. Discuss the move in advance and have them participate in the packing. Let them help with their own belongings so that they have a sense of ownership in the move.

Gradually, they should become accustomed to the idea. Reassure them that they will not be left behind and that their pets will not be forgotten. They need to understand that the whole family is moving. One of the chores that you will need to add to your to-do list is when to notify the school that the children are leaving. Ad to make arrangements with the school to send the children’s records to the new school. Also, contact the new school to introduce yourself, and pave the way for when you all arrive.

Finally, I admit that I am making a move seem rather simplistic. In truth, it is trying on the nerves. But it will go a lot more smoothly if you know how to organize moving to your new home. The most efficient way to do that is to write everything down, prepare in advance, think ahead, and stay calm even in the face of negativity.